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Recurrent miscarriage and God’s miracle — 14 Comments

  1. Indeed, there is none like our God. Your testimony still blesses me. Yours was one of the testimonies we held on to that if God could do yours, He would give us our miracle baby too. And He did! not just one but two beautiful girls. Truly, who is like unto our God. Praise God

  2. Whao the journey…I once heard the same man of God say that ‘it is often darkest before the breaking of the dawn’
    Indeed the Lord is good..thank you for sharing

  3. …..and one of the doctors commented that I was carrying an abnormal pregnancy,that was such a devastating statement but I said to myself i am carrying a “supernatural pregnancy ” whose report should be believe? We shall the report of the LORD. His report says i am heal,his report says I am free, his report says victory. I had a similar case of recent at University Teaching Hospital,Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. My wife was booked for Caesarian Section,all the equipments needed were already in place,my wife was about to be taken into the theatre when God did His miracle on her,she had a normal delivery, she was induced for 3 good days, she had lost weight, no more strength & energy to push but God in His infinite mercy looked down from above and allowed mercy to prevail over judgement. I’ve already signed off for the operation. I return all the glory and adoration back to God.

    • Praise God Olu,
      God is a faithful and ever constant. Even in our faithless hour He knows and he turns up for us, Praise be to God.
      God bless you

    • Amen He is,
      Please share with young couples, those trusting the lord for fruit of the womb, and those waiting on the Lord for a miracle – God is faithful.

  4. Glory to God, he is away maker. your testimony has inspires me. am more than encouraged that he can do it for me if he did it for you. your story is almost like mine and currently going through difficult time after termination of preg last year in November, again pregnant, first told an ectopic again in the early weeeks did are-scan which it was in the the uterus with normal blood tests, yesterday had another scan showing suggestions of early pregnancy failure. am devasted but trusting in God for his mercy upon me and my unborn baby, imagine this has happened after ten long years of waiting for a fruit of a womb.

    • Dear Frances, my heart goes out to you. I can feel your pain and I have been there where they suggested early pregnancy failure. My prayer for you this time is for the strength and the fortitude from God. It’s emotionally draining and exhausting but God will restore and He is still able to turn it around. I was with a friend this time last year after 10years of waiting – it was concluded the pregnancy failed but afterwards God showed up and now she took in and she is now 6months pregnant (after 5 failed pregnancy) with no surgical or medical intervention.
      You may be feeling I can take it anymore – but please hold on – God will not let you down. He will restore and He will bless you with your desires.
      God bless.

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